Facts about football

Many ancient peoples of the world had many similar games to modern football and today there are many varieties of it, including yard, beach, freestyle, futsal or mini-football and even mud football. You can place bets on all these types of football. It’s easy to do it on the Betwinner NG site. Among all the presented types of entertainment, there are favorable conditions for placing bets. After instant registration, you can safely start playing with real money. And below we will tell you about the best football facts that may intrigue you.

Although football is considered to be the successor to the ball game from the United Kingdom, there are many contenders for the prototype of football. In ancient Rome and Greece, as well as in medieval Italy and even the Aztecs, there were games with similar features to modern football.

King Edward II of England in 1314 issued a decree banning football in London, in total by the middle of the seventeenth century in Britain passed more than 30 decrees that officially restricted or even banned the game of football. 4. Until 1875, instead of a crossbar on the gate, an ordinary rope was used, which was stretched between two poles.

Until 1912, according to the rules, the goalkeeper had the right to take the ball in the whole half of his team’s field, so there were cases when goalkeepers managed to score a goal even with their hands.

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Interesting moments

  • Although some football matches involving women in Britain in 1920 were attended by about fifty thousand people, in 1921 the English Football Federation banned women from playing football on all fields used by the football clubs that were part of it. The ban was lifted only in 1971.
  • Football fans in Italy are called “Tifosi”, which translates as “typhoid” or “typhus carriers” because their bigotry is like a fever.
  • The Vatican is one of the eight internationally recognized states whose team is not a member of FIFA. The Vatican team consists of guardsmen, librarians, bankers and museum workers.
  • Until 2018, the Vatican team has played only four international matches (twice with Monaco, as well as with Palestine and San Marino).
  • Later, football appeared in the western part of Ukraine. Officially, the first football match in Ukraine is considered to be the game in Lviv between the team of Lviv and Kraków, which took place on July 14, 1894. By the way, the Lviv team won then.
  • Dynamo Kyiv team is the most titled football club in the history of the USSR. And also the first representative of the then Soviet Union, which managed to win the European trophy.

Facts about football

Questions and answers

Can I bet on football?

Yes. Customers are presented with a large selection of bet types and paylines.

Do I need to register with Betwinner to bet?

Yes. This is very easy to do.

Is a strategy needed?

Yes. If you want to earn money.

What does “ball in the game” mean?

This means that all players have the right to touch the ball, except for the player who enters the ball in the initial, corner, free kick, free kicks, throwing the ball, goal kick and 11-meter kick.

When is the ball considered to be scored?

When he completely crosses the goal line between the goal posts and under the crossbar and if the players of the attacking team did not violate the Rules.

What is the essence of the “Out of Play” Rules?

This Rule restricts certain conditions of communication between players of one team and the ball, and also prevents the attacking player from being near the opponent’s goal in anticipation of an event for unobstructed goal-taking, in violation of the terms of the Rule.

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