Worst season of Borussia under Klopp

Jürgen Klopp took charge of Borussia Dortmund in 2008 and quickly showed everyone that this team was the grandeur of German football. However, his last couple of seasons with the team have not gone well. If you are interested in todays football scores live of this team, you can find them on a proven platform.

Remember that the worst season for Klopp was his last campaign in Dortmund in 2014/15. By that time, many leading players had already left the team, those who had previously won the Bundesliga and reached the Champions League final. Among those players were:

  • Goetze;
  • Lewandowski;
  • Kagawa;
  • Shahin.

Moreover, this was not a complete list. The creation of a new team, despite the fairly high-quality transfers (Mkhitaryan, Immobile), was quite problematic. While in the season 2013/14, Borussia seriously lagged behind Bayern (by 19 points), but at the same time, it managed to confidently finish in the second position, in the next campaign the club spent a lot of time in the relegation zone. Moreover, in early February, it ended up in the last position of the standings.

Fortunately, the situation was somewhat improved in the spring. The team had several victories, which allowed it to finish at the 7th position, in the European competition zone. However, back in April 2015, it became known that Klopp was leaving Borussia. This ended a whole era for the club, because under this coach, the team reached a qualitatively new level, as evidenced by both the results and the progress of its players (for example, the aforementioned footballers).

Why was the last season unsuccessful for Borussia?

In general, after the defeat in the Champions League final and the departure of a number of leaders (primarily Lewandowski and Goetze), Klopp was emotionally burnt out. It became obvious that Borussia couldn’t build such a powerful team as Bayern. Another problem was the fact that newcomers had a hard time adapting to his style of play. As a result, today’s football scores of the team, which could be monitored live on the sports statistics website, started to deteriorate.

Klopp decided not to build a new team but to hand it over to a talented replacement, Thomas Tuchel. Although he didn’t win the Bundesliga with Borussia, he won the German Cup and also worked to preserve the style of play that was under Klopp.

Thus, we can say that despite the personnel changes and a new coach, the club continued to show the same football as before.

Klopp has clearly demonstrated that he shouldn’t be ignored. After leaving Borussia, he trained Liverpool, with which he won the Champions League, Premier League and several other tournaments. Thanks to this, the specialist forever inscribed his name in the history of international football and became a truly iconic coach.

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