Fashion Sakala Retrained by Judge in “nude” case

Fashion Sakala, a player for Scottish league team Rangers Football Club, has been granted a court order preventing him from violating the privacy of a woman who has filed a lawsuit.

An ex-parte order of interim injunction prohibiting Mr. Sakala and his agents or servants from further violating the plaintiff’s privacy has been issued to Linnety Kaoma by Judge Milimo Salasini.

The injunction forbids the soccer player from publishing or disseminating any materials that might be considered offensive and bear the plaintiff’s likeness.

Late last year, Ms. Kaoma, who recently ended her relationship with Mr. Sakala before he went on to date her younger sister, filed a lawsuit against the soccer player for violating her privacy.

She said that Mr. Sakala had emailed her younger sister a nude photo of a woman who resembled her before deleting it.

The court later granted Ms. Kaoma’s request for an interim injunction, which barred the football player and his agents from violating her privacy and disseminating objectionable material including her likeness.

She stated in the court filings that she had had amicably ended her relationship with the defendant, whom she had been personally dating for four years, up to May 2022, approximately six months prior.

The plaintiff claimed that Mr. Sakala repeatedly threatened to use damaging information against her toward the end of their relationship as a means of harassing her.

According to the complainant, the defendant began threatening to expose her using nudes that he had recorded during their private online talks in the shower.

The football player, who is currently dating Ms. Kaoma’s younger sister, allegedly violated Ms. Kaoma’s right to privacy by taking a nude photo of her appearance.

He allegedly threatened to “dump the beans” at any time, she later admitted.

“Sakala via email confirmed, and confessed that he had hacked into her phone through his agents to which she was weary of her safety,” the documents read in part.

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