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Murdered Mpika lady accused of being unfaithful

According to reports, a 23-year-old woman from Mpika was killed by her husband after he caught her having a sexual encounter with another guy.

Mary Ngosa is thought to have been discovered dead behind Alex Sichalwe’s restroom.

It’s thought that Ms. Ngosa relocated to her parents’ home to heal from a miscarriage.

It is thought that after she moved in with her parents, her husband, who goes by the name “Bashi Junior,” saw her a few days later at a bar sitting next to Mr. Sichalwe, her claimed lover, and thought they may be dating.

Since then, police have started looking for the suspect, who is supposedly on the run.

According to Kaunda Mubanga, the commanding officer of Muchinga Province, the incident took place yesterday between 18:30 and 19:30 in the Mwansabamba hamlet in Mpika district.

He claimed that the deceased’s stepmother Dainess Mwaba, who is 57 years old, reported the occurrence.

“Brief facts are that the deceased was in marriage with a  Man known as Bashi Junior. Two weeks down the line, the deceased  had a miscarriage and so she went to stay with her parents so that she recovers fully before rejoining her husband. However yesterday on March 18th, this year, the husband to the now deceased known only as Bashi Junior found his wife drinking beer at Alex Sichalwe’s bar and that she sat very close to Alex Sichalwe as though they were in a love relationship,” he said.

Mr Mubanga said this raised suspicion and her husband was vigilantly watching her movements.

“At around 19:30 hours, Alex Sichalwe allegedly found the deceased lying down  behind the  toilet at his house. He allegedly tried to help her to get back to where people were drinking from but she could not stand up. He then went back and informed people who were drinking and together  they went  and they verified that it was Mary Ngosa and that she was dead.”

“It is suspected that  the husband to the deceased caught his wife red-handed having carnal knowledge with Alex Sichalwe who ran away leaving her behind being beaten  by her husband and later died,” he said.

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