FAZ: Blackwell Siwale still prohibited from playing football

The Football Association of Zambia’s Arbitration Tribunal has decided not to lift the suspension placed on football administrator BLACKWELL SIWALE for allegedly defaming the game.

The recently held tribunal has stated that SIWALE’s appeal is without merit, and he is still prohibited from playing football.

According to FAZ General Secretary ADRIAN KASHALA, who made this disclosure in a statement, SIWALE’s appeal against his ban was brought before the tribunal in an unlawful manner.

In 2018, SIWALE’s participation in football was permanently prohibited for allegedly causing a disagreement over the association’s name.

According to KASHALA, the Copperbelt Football Association’s decision to award Mufulira United three points for a game that was abandoned against Lubambe Community Football Club on December 18, 2021, has been overturned by the Tribunal.

When the referee gave Mufulira United a penalty in a game, the Lubambe players left in protest, and Mufulira United complained to the Copperbelt Football Association.

Mufulira United has been advised by the Tribunal to resubmit its case to the appropriate FAZ judicial bodies, notably the Disciplinary Committee, Appeals, and then the Arbitration Tribunal.

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