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Zahara on finding love

After a few years of staying single and finding herself, singer and songwriter Bulelwa “Zahara” Mkutukana (34) has now found love again.

The star revealed she has been in a two-year relationship with a man whose name she chooses not to disclose.

“He does not like publicity and attention. He is not in the entertainment industry, and I like to keep him away from critics.”

“Past experiences have taught me to keep my relationships from public scrutiny,” Zahara says.

“Well, that is until I am married of course. But as long as I am still just dating, I will keep my love life private.”


The Eastern Cape-born singer says her partner of two years has already asked for her hand in marriage, but she turned him down.

“He bought me a ring, the works, but I said that I was not ready for marriage. I still need to achieve a few goals before settling down.

But he asked me to keep the ring and I did,” she says.She has been wearing her ring until her ex-boyfriend Ian took it off.

“Ian and are still friends, but he believes that one day, we might get back together.He has taken the ring. He is not too happy with me moving on, but we are good friends.” Zahara’s partner recently bought them matching motorbikes.

“He is a biker but also a very respectable man.” The two met while she was attending a gig in Durban.

“After my show, we started talking and one thing led to another.”Zahara loves that he is not fascinated by fame. “Sometimes you find yourself dating a fan and that can be dangerous,” she says.


Zahara says despite her being in a serious relationship, other men are still pursuing her.

“And these are prominent men in our society. There’s a prince, a king, a policeman, and a businessman involved. But it’s all harmless fun. They know I am in a long-term relationship,” she says.

The Loliwe singer says dating is not easy as a celebrity. “You find people who just want to use you for fame or to get ahead in life. Some just date you for their own selfish reasons. But I have learned to protect my space and watch who I have around me.” In her latest reality show, As I Rise she shares details about her new love affair.

“I don’t need to hide anything about my life. I am not perfect; everyone knows that, but I am an open book. At the moment, I am enjoying my relationship. I feel no pressure to have kids before walking down the aisle.”

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