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Fiscal year 2022, ZANACO Saw a 3.9 billion Kwacha increase in revenue

For the fiscal year 2022, ZANACO BANK has seen a 3.9 billion Kwacha increase in revenue.

The four million account holders who, according to ZANACO Bank Board Chairperson Patrick Wanjilani, have remained devoted to the bank throughout its 53-year history are responsible for the bank’s expansion.
Just after the banks’ annual general meeting in Lusaka, Mr. WANJELANI was speaking during a briefing for the media.

As part of his climate resilience goal, Mr. WANJELANI also disclosed that the bank had made headway with its ATM solar implementation initiative.

Also, Ms. CHIBESAKUNDA has pledged that the bank will keep funding Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMES) in order to expand the economy and create jobs.

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