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For NDOLA schools, government purchases 500 desks and computers

On the Copperbelt in Ndola, the government has purchased roughly 500 tables and computers for students attending five combined schools.

The desks and computers were purchased for one million Kwacha, according to FRANK TAYALI, an MP for Ndola Central and the Minister of Transport and Communications.

The central lawmaker from Ndola also gave funds totaling 1.4 million Kwacha to a number of young people’s and women’s cooperatives under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).


The constant distribution of CDF to every region of the nation and the free-education policy, according to Mr. TAYALI, are symbolic of how the nation’s resources should be allocated to promote national development.

According to JOSEPH PHIRI, the district commissioner for Ndola, the government is ready to use CDF to raise the standard of living for poor Zambians.

Additionally, Ndola Mayor JONES KALYATI stated that the government is actually doing what it says it will do to promote economic growth.

The area’s population, according to NGOSA PAUL, leader of the Ndola Central Constituency Progress Committee, are eager for empowerment and development.

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