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Former The Queen actress Connie Ferguson’s powerful prayer

Former The Queen actress Connie Ferguson’s powerful prayer breached borders, touching hearts outside South Africa. For many years, since childhood, Connie had identified herself as a Christian and prayer woman. Connie credits her family as the reason she had become the person she is today, a loving mother of the word.

As she had been winding down her weekend, Connie showed she is a prayer warrior with a powerful message she shared on Instagram. Shockingly her prayer touched many hearts in South Africa but others beyond the borders as far as Namibia, with comments coming on her account.

Unlike many celebs in Mzansi, Connie has lived a different life that makes her a unique woman. She is a role model on and off the screen, a star for the kids to look at for inspiration. Without wasting much time, let’s look deeply into ‘prayer warrior’ Connie Ferguson’s prayer that has touched many hearts in and outside South Africa.

Connie Ferguson Rolls Royce

Connie Ferguson focused on serenity, courage and wisdom in her powerful prayer showing how much she is a warrior. On her Instagram, Connie shared a prayer that received fans’ attention. Many liked it, as some left comments from across the globe.

The prayer showed another side of Connie that is not common with most of her television characters, like Harriet Khoza on The Queen. In most of her roles, Connie comes out as a harsh and rude lady who is not a prayer warrior. Her role as Harriet Khoza is the perfect example of how Connie acted as a rude and dangerous woman who could not hesitate to kill.

Looking at Connie Ferguson’s prayer that reached as far as Namibia, it looked more like the powerful serenity prayer that many prayer warriors love.

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