Four-month suspension of ZANACO player by FAZ

Salulani Phiri, a midfielder for Zanaco Football Club, has been suspended for four months by the FAZ Disciplinary Committee due to misbehavior.

This occurred during an MTN Super League Week 22 match at National Heroes Stadium between Prison Leopards and another team.

PHIRI aggressively threatened the referee by yanking the match official’s shirt in the 41st minute of the match on February 5, 2022, and was consequently given a red card. PHIRI then engaged in self-injurious behaviour.

As the committee took into account PHIRI’s prior good disciplinary record, which had seen his sentence partially suspended in accordance with Article 33 of the Disciplinary Code, PHIRI was fined 20,000 Kwacha but will only serve two months.

IVA LENGWE, the acting general secretary of FAZ, commended the judicial body for upholding the standard of dismissing the disciplinary cases that were submitted before it.

PHIRI has the option to challenge the Committee’s decision within 72 hours of being notified of it in accordance with Articles 119, 120, and 121 of the Code.

This is in accordance with a statement provided to ZNBC by Sydney Mungala of the Football Association of Zambia Communications.

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