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Four Palestinians killed

Last night, Israel carried out “one of the largest raids” since it started its war on Gaza, according to Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford, who said that Israeli forces are still present inside the Jenin refugee camp.

Pictures show military bulldozers near a hospital and destroying civilian properties, with previous raids focusing on specific buildings suspected to belong to Hamas fighters, members, or supporters.

Stratford said: “However, overnight in Jenin, we did not witness this focus. This situation appears different, and it has continued for more than six hours.

“According to health officials, there have been at least four deaths and many injuries. Dozens have been arrested by Israeli forces.

Source: eNCA

In  other news – Prince Kaybee canceled after Springboks won Rugby World Cup 2023

 Prince Kaybee gains himself more hate on social media after declaring his support for New Zealand. South Africans dragged the musician and many further cancelled him and his music career.

Prince Kaybee

Before the Rugby World Cup Final concluded, the DJ said he is a supporter of All Black, which irked lots of South Africans on Twitter. Read more

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