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FRA Approves All Farmers Who Delivered Crops To The Organization

All farmers that sent crops to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) have received approval from the Agency.

This comes after the release of the final balance of K139 million.

This takes the total sum paid out to all farmers for the produced crops as of today to almost K2 billion, according to FRA Public Relations Coordinator JOHN CHIPANDWE.

According to Mr. CHIPANDWE, the Agency now anticipates prompt payment to the remaining farmers from all paying institutions in the nation.

Since then, he has expressed gratitude to farmers for helping to restore Zambia’s vital food stores and ensure the nation’s food security.

The FRA purchased more than 298 thousand metric tonnes of Grade A white maize, 103 thousand metric tonnes of soya beans, and 448 metric tonnes of paddy rice during this year’s agricultural selling program.

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