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FredLab And Pharmanova Sign A Memorandum For A Drug Hub

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Pharmanova Zambia Ltd and Fredlab with the intention of developing the Health Hub, a massive pharmaceutical production facility, in Zambia.

The Agreement is a breakthrough in the health sector, according to CHIPOKA MULENGA, minister of commerce, trade, and industry, who was present for the signing event.

According to Mr. MULENGA, the MoU will benefit not just Zambia but all of Africa.

The relationship with Fredlab, according to MOHAMED AHMED, Chief Executive Officer of Pharmanova Zambia Ltd, will guarantee a steady supply of pharmaceuticals as well as their superiority and quality.

The agreement would enable the creation of a facility of the highest caliber to enable the provision of cost-effective and high-quality healthcare to the people of Zambia and beyond, according to Fredlab Manager JULIO RUIZ DE ALDA.

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