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Gas Prices Reduced

Diesel prices have been decreased by 2.97 ngwee by the Energy Regulatory Board (ERB), while gasoline prices have decreased by 0.93 ngwee.

The increase in worldwide inflation and the collapse in fuel prices on the international market, according to ERB Chairperson REYNOLDS BOWA, are to blame for the drop in fuel prices.

The increase in interest rates in various nations, according to Mr. BOWA, has made the dollar more expensive and decreased demand for fuel goods with a dollar price tag.

He stated today to journalists in Lusaka that Zambia’s fuel costs have decreased as a result of the decreased demand for the dollar.

Low Sulphur Diesel Will Now Be Sold For K26.28 Ngwee Down From K29.25 Ngwee, According To Mr. BOWA.

He disclosed that the price of gasoline has been reduced from K28.52 Ngwee to K27.59 Ngwee.
Mr. BOWA did note that Jet A1 will continue to be priced at K25.34 ngwee while Kerosene will remain at K22.29 ngwee.

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