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The GEARS Initiative applauds President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s decision to repeal the death penalty and the president’s defamation provisions of Zambian law.

President HICHILEMA has demonstrated brave and decisive leadership, according to GEARS Initiative Zambia Council Chairperson PATRICK KAUMBA, who claims that the two antiquated laws have been removed within a year of his administration.

Since then, Mr. KALUMBA has urged the leaders of all political parties, as well as the public and the President’s detractors, to maintain civility and abstain from libel.

The criminal defamation of the President component of the law, according to the organization, has been abolished, but the other defamation-related statutes have not, he claims.

The two items of legislation, according to Mr. Kalumba, were anti-democratic and from the period before independence.

He claims that the GEARS Initiative wants to hear criticism that is focused on specific issues.

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