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Ghana Sensitizes Its Population To Money Bouquets

The Bank of Ghana has issued a warning to the public about giving gifts to others using local currency like bouquets and hampers.

When people celebrate weddings, birthdays, and other occasions in the nation, it’s not unusual to see folded bills in bouquets and hampers.
But, according to Dominic Owusu, director of the currency department, the practice makes it simpler for banknotes to deteriorate or become disfigured.

“Stop doing such things; they are against the rules, so you must stop. Go out and buy presents if you want to give a gift, Mr. Owusu advised on Thursday.
He claimed that replacing damaged and worn-out notes is expensive and having an impact on the central bank’s operations.

The bank representative also advised the populace to protect the local money as a representation of the nation.
Mr. Owusu dismissed rumors that the Bank of Ghana was issuing 500 cedi coins in the meantime.

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