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Watch: Gogo Maweni reveals how she performs witchcraft

Mzansi reality TV star and Sangoma, Gogo Maweni, real name Makgotso Lee-Anne Makopo took to TikTok on 5 February and shared a lengthy process of performing one of her rituals and had her viewers believing that she had powers to solve their problems with her “witchcraft”.

In the clip, Gogo Maweni and another sangoma friend assisting her in her craft could be seen mixing various dust-like substances in a spooky hut.

Gogo Maweni

Gogo Maweni can be seen using several unusual homemade tools, including dead animal parts, to create her magic.

At some point, a dark grey chicken could be seen standing on a bowl filled with coins.

In another part of the clip, Gogo Maweni held a red bound cloth with needles sticking out of it. It also appeared to have been smudged with blood.

Gogo Maweni

Lastly, a piece of paper with writing on it was burnt before the sangomas headed out to a graveyard after 01:17 AM.

In the next part of the clip, Gogo Maweni and her assistant could be seen splashing their parked vehicle with a water-like substance before heading back onto the road.

It is unknown what exactly the sangomas were up to, but Gogo Maweni’s followers were convinced she had the magic tricks to solve their problems.

Watch the video:

@drmaweni Night shift ❤️🖤 #maweni #gogomaweni ♬ Trap Action Music(887023) – Pavel

According to Briefly, Gogo Maweni became famous after she was accused of bewitching her children’s fathers. This follows after a video surfaced online of the former actor from The Queen, SK Khoza, reportedly trended on Twitter, raising allegations that he was losing his mind.

Gogo Maweni was reportedly accused of bewitching him. However, she was said to have bashed the allegations saying she had nothing to do with it.

The sangoma has previously agreed to be able to perform witchcraft but said she chooses to stay away from it.

Here are some of the reactions:

“Witchcraft at its best level😂🤣😂 what I love about you is that you don’t deny it like other Sangomas!” BlessedBuyi shared.

“I really need someone like you, gogo. It’s that just life doesn’t allow me. I’m always broke 😔😔😞😞,” user8073436905728 commented.

“Why did I flinch when you poured water on the car😭😭🏃♂️🤨🏃♂️🏃♂️🏃♂️😂😂😂,” Martha asked.

“😂Witchcraft,” noluthandogcobo80 reacted.

“The only person with the power to solve all my problems. But you’re expensive, and I’m flat broke, 🥺” takimavhungu wrote.

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