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Gogo Maweni seek spiritual help to finish her mansion

Gogo Maweni sought spiritual strength from God and her ancestors to finish building her mansion. Gogo Maweni had been sharing her progress in building her mansion. Many fans praised her, especially when she destroyed her parent’s house. She later vowed to build her parents a better house, but it seemed she had much on her plate. Indeed, the building was never accessible, but here is Gogo Maweni walking down that difficult path.

To her good, she had a spiritual connection with her ancestors, and that must be helping her. Sharing on her Instagram, Gogo Maweni spoke of how difficult it was for her to build such a mansion.

Gogo Maweni

“Building is no “Child’s Play. May God n our Ancestors give us strength to finish what we startedThere is no doubt that Gogo Maweni is one of the wealthiest Sangomas in the country. She had brought together the recent ways of doing things and got her Sangoma.

She knows how to market her products and services on social media and radio. However, this could not guarantee that she could quickly renovate her parents’ house and build her mansion.

Gogo Maweni

The good thing was that her mansion looked as if it was closer to completion than starting. She was already on the first floor, and that was an encouraging sign that Dr Maweni would be living there soon.

Source: The southafrican

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Justin Timberlake has allegedly been struggling massively with the revelations made in Britney Spears’ memoir, as well as the backlash they’ve ensued. These claims have been issued by an inside source close to OK magazine.

Justin Timberlake

According to their findings the singer believes “The book does not paint Justin in a good light.” And for all intents and purposes “he’s well aware of it,” the source also added. But “Because of the backlash, he’s canceled club appearances, which were intended to promote his upcoming album. Read more

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