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Gogo Maweni set social media abuzz after sharing a video with one of her snakes

Celebrity sangoma Gogo Maweni left many puzzled after sharing a video travelling with one of her snakes. In a now-deleted Instagram story, the sangoma showed off one of the snakes she was travelling with. However, little is known about the reasons she was travelling with the snake. The now-viral video has undoubtedly gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped on the internet.

Gogo Maweni

In the video, Gogo Maweni revealed to her husband that the snake was well-behaved. It was seen placed in a reed basket, which was on the sangoma’s lap. Mzansi was quick to flood social media with their two cents. Many questioned if there are any regulatory laws for pet owners who keep taming wild animals. The now-trending video has since thrust Gogo Maweni into the top trends.

Gogo Maweni

This is not the first time she has shared photos and videos of her pets. In 2023, she hogged headlines when she took to social media to reveal that one of her snakes was not feeling well. As weird as it sounds, Gogo Maweni owns several snakes, owls and tortoises at her Sandton mansion. She is a proud owner of not one, not two, but at least five snakes. Kaddafi, Escobar, and Zara are the most notable of the five.

Undoubtedly, she is not afraid to show some love to her pets. She has often shared pictures and videos chilling with her snakes on social media platforms. Her owls roam around the house just like her tortoises.

Source: The southafrican

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Nomcebo Zikode

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