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Gogo Maweni’s flashiest cars

Gogo Maweni has fast become that star celebrity we all love to hate. She lives lavishly, and she is unapologetic. The celebrity sangoma has been making headlines lately, from spending sprees to controversial love life. However, after her newfound fame, Gogo Maweni has wowed many with her life of glitz and glamour.

Against the backdrop of her recent car purchase, she has been topping trends. A few weeks ago, she confirmed her new purchase on Instagram.


Gogo Maweni shared photos of her new Ranger Rover that cost a fortune. Against the backdrop of the purchase, many have been trying to connect the dots on her flashiest cars that have often thrust her into the top trends.

To cap her life of glitz and glamour, Gogo Maweni has blessed herself with exotic cars that cost a fortune, from Mercedes-Benzs to Ranger Rovers.

The reality star reportedly owns several Mercedes-Benz models, which include:

Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG
Mercedes-Benz CLA 200
Mercedes-Benz GLA 45
She also owns an Audi A5 and Range Rover
VW Golf

Her impressive car collection implicated her net worth into the equation.

Gogo Maweni



Despite her lavish life being an open book to her followers, she has kept her net worth under wraps. However, the rumour mill has it that she is worth millions.

Little is known about where the bubbly sangoma stays, but reports have it that she has three houses in the leafy suburbs of Johannesburg.

Earlier this year, she made it known that she splurged millions on a Sandton residential stand, which she intends to turn into an upscale bar and restaurant called Kwa Maweni.

Source:  News365

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