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Government distributes 17 motor cycles to Ministry of Agriculture in Southern Province

To improve the provision of extension services to farmers, the government has given the Ministry of Agriculture in Southern Province 17 motorbikes.

The arrival of the additional motor bikes to the Province means that 60 percent of the districts in Southern Province will be serviced by motorized extension officers, according to MAX CHOOMBE, the agricultural coordinator for the province.

Dr. CHOOMBE delivered the first batch of motorcycles to Choma area while he was speaking at Lusumpuko House.

The Provincial Agriculture Coordinator’s office was also given the assurance that the motorbikes will receive routine maintenance by Choma District Senior Agricultural Officer MABVUTO PHIRI.

According to MAYBIN MWANSA, an agricultural assistant at the Kabanze Agricultural Camp, he will be able to perform his tasks effectively now that transportation is available.

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