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Government provides OMCs with assurances

According to Energy Minister PETER KAPALA, local gasoline transporters won’t go out of business as a result of the importation of completed petroleum products through the Tanzania Zambia Mafuta (TAZAMA) pipeline.

This, according to Mr. KAPALA, is due to the fact that local fuel transporters will continue to transfer the good from the primary storage depots and distribute it around the nation.

According to him, gasoline pump prices will drop once the TAZAMA pipeline has been reconfigured to move finished and refined goods instead of mixed feedstock.

Mr. KAPALA continues by stating that the Indeni Refinery, which is now an Oil Marketing Company (OMC), will be able to pump and transport refined low sulphur diesel thanks to the re-configuration of the pipeline that runs from Dar-es-Salaam to Ndola.

Additionally, he claims that his ministry is in talks with Zimbabwe to allow the latter to use its pipeline to bring finished petroleum products from the Mozambican coast to Msasa, a town that is located around 480 kilometers from Lusaka.

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