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Government-sponsored CBU students Given their meal Allowance

The Copperbelt University’s government-sponsored students have received their lunch stipend.

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has received thanks from the students for bringing back the allowance.

The lunch allowance will be credited to ALL students at the university, according to President of the CBU Students Union (COBUSU) CASTRO MULILO.

The students, according to Mr. MULILO, are pleased that President HICHILEMA has reinstated the food allowance. He added that they had to put up with a subpar diet for the previous four years.

Additionally, COBUSU Prime Minister BRIGHT NGALAMIKA stated that one of the most important qualities of a leader is the capacity to keep commitments. President HICHILEMA has proven this by restoring the meal allowance, which had been eliminated by the previous administration.

ALICE MACHONI, the COBUSU Minister of Entertainment, stated that students are grateful to the President for hearing their complaints.

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