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Govt Ask Ngo’s For Assistance With Mental Health

The government wants to make sure that young people in the creative industry start to develop through entrepreneurship, according to FUMBA CHAMA, the permanent secretary for youth, sports, and the arts.

According to Mr. CHAMA, the Ministry has just finished validating the National Arts policy and reviewing a film policy that aims to foster adolescents’ creativity and development.

Speaking last night at the unveiling of Copper Rose Zambia’s strategic plan, Mr. CHAMA emphasized the need of civil society organizations working alongside the government to address young people’s drug and alcohol usage as well as mental breakdowns.

The Chief Executive Officer of Copper Rose Zambia, NATASHA KAOMA, also stated that her organization’s objective is to have a positive influence on one million people through youth development, gender equity, and health programming.

Meanwhile, CHESWA VWALIKA, the board chair of Copper Rose Zambia, represents the wants and aspirations of locals.

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