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Green Buffaloes Win Gold In Volleyball

At the Zone 6 Senior Indoor Volleyball Championships, Green Buffaloes won gold.

In a remarkable change of events, the Mozambican team Academica de Maputo defeated the Green Buffaloes 3-2 in the Men’s Senior Club Championship final.

In a match that was played over five sets, the Buffaloes fell behind in the first two but came back to even the score in the third and fourth. They then won the third set to claim victory and the victory.

The Zambia Army sponsored team earned $1,500 from the victory over the former Champions.

University of Zimbabwe (UZ) wolves defeated Prison Leopards 3-2 in the Men’s Third and Fourth, earning bronze.

And Academia de Maputo ladies won the women’s championship by defeating Police VI of Botswana 3–2.

While Kamplits of South Africa defeated Prison Leopards 3-2 to claim bronze, Police VI won silver.

All four of the top women’s teams have earned spots in the Senior Volleyball Africa Club Championships.

North Africa will host the Confederation of African Volleyball Club Championship in April 2023.

Buffaloes have risen to the top spot in the Southern African region’s rankings following the finals, followed by Academica in second place, UZ wolves in third place, and Prison Leopards in fourth place.

The top two teams in the women’s rankings are Academica and Police VI, with Kamplits and Prison Leopards coming in third and fourth, respectively.

The 2023 Senior Club Volleyball Championship will take place in Lesotho in December.

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