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Haimbe Suggests Improved Rights And Freedoms Education

MALAMBO HAIMBE, the minister of justice, has urged Zambians to become more aware of and educated about issues relating to their rights and freedoms.

According to Mr. HAIMBE, raising awareness of and teaching the public about human rights will contribute to a better knowledge and appreciation of fundamental rights.

He claims that the government is still dedicated to advancing citizens’ human rights and freedoms.

This morning in Lusaka, Mr. HAIMBE addressed during the celebration of Human Rights Day.

Additionally, BEATRICE MUTALI, the UN Resident Coordinator, stated that promoting fundamental human rights may advance sustainable development, avert bloodshed, and uphold peace.

While examples of human rights abuse and violation are occurring all over the world, the EU stands with Zambia in advancing human rights, according to JACEK JANKOWSKI, the ambassador of the EU to Zambia.

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