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HH And IHC Confer In A Meeting

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA met with International Holding Company, one of the major conglomerates in the Middle East and Africa that makes investments in a variety of international industries.

IHC Board Chairman ALI RASHED ALRASHDI and President HICHILEMA reportedly met to discuss how small-scale miners may be effectively organized and profit from the industry.

The President claims that his administration is rehabilitating the degrading position in which they were referred to as illegal miners in the small or artisanal mining sector.

He claims that small-scale miners can now receive licenses, should be helped with some finance and equipment, and should have access to a ready market close to where they operate.

President HICHILEMA claims he discussed the need for setting up mineral processing units and value-adding facilities around small-scale mining with the IHC Board Chairman in order to prevent a scenario where investors harvest soil and export it in raw form.

He claims that the two also talked on the necessity of joint ventures as the sole means by which foreign businesses may impart knowledge and skills to locals in order to promote job creation and the use of chances.

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