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HH Connects With Uae President Bin Zayed For Talks

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA and Sheikh MOHAMMED BIN ZAYED of the United Arab Emirates have had private conversations.

President HICHILEMA commended the president of the United Arab Emirates for taking the initiative to see to it that Zambian institutions collaborated with their counterparts in that nation’s multimillion-dollar investments in the energy, agriculture, mining, and technology sectors.

He declared that as part of strengthening already-existing links between the two countries, Zambia would establish a permanent embassy in the United Arab Emirates to address the rising trade and prospects between the two nations.

The President stated that Zambia can learn a lot from the UAE’s rapid development, particularly in recent years, about how to use local resources to improve the quality of life for its population while also utilizing outside capital, talents, and knowledge.

The gathering took place in conjunction with Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, which started today.

The conference’s main goal is to ensure greater investment in renewable energy as a replacement for conventional sources like wood fuel and hydropower, both of which have been negatively impacted by the detrimental consequences of climate change.

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