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Musa Khawula leaks WhatsApp chats claiming SK Khoza is HIV positive

South African actor SK Khoza had one of the most tumultuous 2022 that any celebrities could have. During that year, the acclaimed actor had a public meltdown which had everyone worried. Not to mention the release of what is believed to have been his explicit adult tape.

However, as an actor, he continued to flourish. Whether it was his return to The Queen, his return to the cast of the Kings of Jo’burg, or his sexy role on Black Door. But in 2023, he has not made many headlines as it seems that he was working on bettering himself and his mental health.

But it seems that he has again landed himself in hot water due to his past relationship with sangoma Gogo Maweni.

SK Khoza

For the past couple of days, entertainment news headlines have been focussed on the ongoing social media back and forth of sangomas Gogo Maweni and Gogo Skhotheni. Controversial entertainment commentator Musa Khawula found himself involved in the drama as he seemed to be supporting Gogo Maweni.

However, it seems that their friendship might be short-lived after Musa exposed some of their private WhatsApp messages. The message thread was speaking on the speculation that SK Khoza is allegedly HIV positive and Gogo Maweni warning the unidentified woman who was attempting to sleep with him about his status.


WhatsApp conversations claiming SK Khoza is HIV positive leaked

While the matter might have just been speculation at the time, it seems that Gogo Maweni in her attempt to call out Musa for using their private communications for content, might have confirmed the allegations. This is as she took to the comments section of his post, which has since been deleted, to call out Musa for using their private exchange for content.

But it seems that Musa is unmoved and does not care much about his recent friendship with Gogo Maweni as he has not deleted the post. A post which is technically unlawful. This is as South Africa’s privacy laws have stated that it is illegal to reveal someone else’s status without their consent or knowledge.

However, this is not the first time that Musa has been willing to break the law in order to have a scoop. The first time was the revenge p*rn video against Lulo Cafe. As reported:

An explicit video of DJ Lulo Cafe saw the Twitter account of a notorious gossip monger, Musa Khawula getting suspended. While others grapple to figure out if it is indeed the DJ in the video, he seemingly deactivated his social media accounts.

Musa Khawula leaked an explicit video of what allegedly looks like the DJ after taking a shower.

Following the outrage, many had the account suspended but Lulo Cafe went MIA. Shortly after leaking the video, Musa went on Twitter spaces to reveal he received the video from a friend.


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