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Hlubi Nkosi allegedly moves on with singer, Mawhoo

Social media detectives have seemingly exposed another undercover couple, KwaZulu-Natal businessman Hlubi Nkosi and local singer “Mawhoo”. Screenshots of the pair who appear to be on the same flight out of SA have been circulated online. While Mawhoo has denied the fact that she is traveling with Hlubi, many have pointed out that their plane seats and even the passenger behind them is a dead giveaway.

After spotting the pics, many have slammed Hlubi for going after young women while they have trolled her for accepting Londie London’s leftovers.


Twitter investigators are at it again. This time they have uncovered what appears to be Londie London’s “baby daddy” travelling with a local musician call Mahoo.

Taking to Instagram, both Hlubi and the young songstress shared snaps of themselves aboard a plane.

While they are nowhere to be seen in each other’s post, one can’t help but notice that they are in the exact same plane.


One Twitter investigator even pointed out that the same passenger can be seen behind both of them.

Gossip blogger Musa Khawula also shared the speculations on his timeline:

“struggling artist mawhoo is on an international trip with what used to be Londie London’s fiancé hlubi nkosi,” he captioned the “evidence”.

Mawhoo, who had spotted the post, quickly headed to the comment section to claim that it is all a lie.

No one appears to believe that Hlubi and Mawhoo are not together. Many of them headed to the comment section to blast her for dating someone so much older than her.

“Isn’t she young for Hlubi?” one person asked while another added:

“I can’t believe you huns allow these clubbing at 45, crossbody bag-wearing men anywhere near you just for some designer and IG content.”


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