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HRC: Zambia To Benefit From Democracy Summit

The co-hosting by Zambia of the Summit for Democracy next week, according to the Human Rights Commission, is an opportunity to further promote democratic values and increase respect for human rights.

Since 1991, Zambia has successfully held free and fair elections, making it one of the leading examples of a constitutional democracy, according to HRC Spokesman MWEELWA MULEYA.

According to Mr. MULEYA in a statement to ZNBC News, Zambia will have the chance to reaffirm its commitment to advancing democracy, combating corruption, and defending human rights by co-hosting the Summit of Democracy with the governments of the United States of America, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, and the Republic of Korea.

He continues by saying that the summit will allow Zambians the chance to keep up with best practices while looking for international assistance and collaboration to strengthen democratic values.

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