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Watch: Gogo Maweni wears a huge snake as necklace

Popular Mzansi reality TV star and Sangoma, Gogo Maweni has faced a lot of criticism on social media over the last few days. When she isn’t discussing turning people into tokoloshes, she is playing with snakes and taking midnight strolls in graveyards.

Most recently, she shared a clip of herself with a snake curled around her neck. While most people have an innate fear of the animal, it would appear Maweni finds them cuter than a bunny rabbit.

Gogo Maweni

Most of us would run as far as our legs would take us if we spotted a snake anywhere near us.

One of South Africa’s most famous celebrity sangomas doesn’t appear to mind the slithery animals at all.

In fact, the celeb gogo is always waiting for another opportunity to show off her serpents and it looks like one came today.

Gogo Maweni

Taking to her Instagram page, Maweni shared a short clip of herself with the huge snake wrapped to closely for comfort around her neck.

She however couldn’t be bothered at all and continues to smile for the camera. WATCH:

In other news – VIDEO: Ayanda Thabethe expecting her second baby

South African actress and media personality Ayanda Thabethe announced that she is expecting her second child with her partner Peter Motsimbe, via an Instagram post on Thursday 13 July. Earlier this month the TV presenter fueled pregnancy rumours when she posted and deleted a picture of herself on Instagram, where she looked like had a baby bump.

Ayanda Thabethe

According to a local publication, a source close to Ayanda told the publication that the star was quite far along in her pregnancy. Also noting that Ayanda is expected to possibly give birth in the Spring time. Learn More

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