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Humanitarian Assistance Is Required in 50 Districts

After being affected by floods and dry weather, fifty districts in Zambia will need humanitarian assistance.

The 50 districts have been determined, according to GABRIEL POLLEN, National Coordinator of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit, after a vulnerability and needs assessment survey was carried out in 91 districts in June.

According to Dr. POLLEN, 12 of the 50 districts will participate in the National Disaster Management Council’s Emergency Cash Transfer program, leaving 38 districts to participate only in the in-kind food distribution program.

According to what he said to ZNBC News, the DMMU has asked the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to hold community sales in 31 districts to provide corn for individuals receiving Emergency Cash Transfers.

The purpose of the evaluation survey, according to Dr. POLLEN, was to determine how the 2021–2022 rainy season would affect individuals’ quality of life.

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