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Illegal Gold Miner, 26, Buried Alive

At the Luili gold mine in the Mumbwa District, a deadly mine accident claimed the life of a 26-year-old illegal miner.

David Mukuka, the commissioner of police for the Central Province, confirmed the death and named the victim as Reuben Chama.

According to Mr. Mukuka, the incident occurred on Sunday at approximately 15:30 when the victim was buried alive as the damp ground folded in during an unlawful gold mining operation.

The victim, according to the police commissioner, had broken legs and fatal head injuries. He also passed away immediately.

The deceased’s body was rescued from the pit by those nearby the mine, according to Mr. Mukuka, and has since been stored in the mortuary of the Nangoma Mission Hospital in anticipation of the autopsy.

According to the Commissioner, police have started looking into the deadly mining accident and have issued a warning that anyone found indulging in illegal mining activities will face arrest.

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