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Improve Homeland Production – PMRC

According to the Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC), increasing domestic output is necessary for the nation to lessen the impact of outside shocks on the economy.

Increased domestic production and exports, according to PMRC Interim Executive Director SYDNEY MWAMBA, will cut down on the amount of foreign currency leaving the nation.

In order to reduce the cost of agricultural output, he has also asked the government to consider encouraging investments in local fertilizer production.

In an interview with ZNBC, Mr. MWAMBA stated that the Farmer Input Support Programme’s (FISP) inputs always necessitate enormous sums of foreign currency for imports.

And Mr. MWAMBA claims that a more robust economy with incentives will promote industrialization and investment in mining, all of which are essential for Zambia to achieve its goal of producing 3 million metric tonnes of copper.

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