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In Each Constitution, National Assembly Shall Plant 1,000 Trees

NELLY MUTTI, Speaker of the National Assembly, has urged coordinated action to combat climate change.

Ms. MUTTI has thanked ZAFFICO for cooperating with the National Assembly on a tree-planting project. ZAFFICO stands for Zambia Forestry and Forest Industries Corporation.

The initiative, according to her, will support the National Assembly’s ongoing plan to plant 1,000 trees in each constituency.

This was said by the Speaker in Lusaka at the presentation of 5,000 pine seedlings by ZAFFICO to the National Assembly.

MUNDIA MUNDIA, the managing director of ZAFFICO, stated that the company places a high priority on promoting the nation’s environmental sustainability.

The National Assembly’s participation in reducing the effects of climate change through law and numerous international agreements, according to Mr. MUNDIA, has been highlighted by ZAFFICO.

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