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In Kabwe, five family members—struck by lightning

In Kabwe, five family members—a father, mother, and three children—die from lightning injuries sustained inside their home.

A week has hardly passed since five members of the same family died in Siavonga after being struck by lightning before another five members of the same family perished in Kabwe.

The family met their end while inside the home amid a torrential downpour.

According to estimates, the youngest family member was two years old and the oldest was 38.

According to David Chileshe, the police commissioner for Central Province, who verified the tragic incident to Mwebantu, it happened on Monday at around 21:00.

“The deceased five members were Obey Kanyimbo 38, Merry Kanyimbo 36, Brenda Kanyimbo 11, Elisha Kanyimbo six and Maureen Kanyimbo aged two. The deceased met their death after they were struck by lightening during a heavy rain down pour whilst in their house. The relatives of the deceased have decided to go ahead with burial as they do not suspect any foul play,” he said.

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