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Increase Covid Sensitization, Government Urges

HILARY KASHEMPA, interim chair of the Livingstone Tourism Association, has encouraged the government to increase public education and awareness of COVID 19.

According to Mr. KASHEMPA, the growing number of COVID cases in the nation is a cause for concern for the travel and tourism industry.

According to Mr. KASHEMPA, the tourism industry does not wish to ever return to the state in which it was on the verge of collapse due to the high COVID 19 cases.

According to him, in order to stop the spread of COVID 19, the general public needs to be taught about it, made aware of it, and encouraged to get immunized.

He claims that the tourism industry has not fully recovered from COVID 19’s negative consequences and that allowing the number of instances to rise could have a harsher effect.

Over fifty percent of those employed in the hospitality sector lost their jobs as a result of a number of lodges and hotels in Livingstone closing during the height of COVID 19 in 2020 to 2021.

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