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Internal Road Network Construction To Be Done by Kitwe Teaching Hospital

Following repeated complaints from the public, management at the Kitwe Teaching Hospital said it would endeavor to improve the facility’s appalling road system.

PHOEBY CHILEYA, the public relations representative for Kitwe Teaching Hospital, has stated that all five constituencies have decided to give some of their allotted funds from the Constituency Development Fund to the hospital’s roadways.

According to Ms. CHILEYA, who spoke with ZNBC News, the hospital is also collaborating closely with the local government and Kamfinsa Correctional Facility to repair the enormous potholes that have taken up a large portion of the road at the main entrance.

Moreover, a resident HAMPHERY NGOSA at the Kitwe teaching hospital claims that moving patients, particularly pregnant women in labor, is quite difficult.

Although it was currently being operated as a one-way, LISTER MWAPE encouraged the hospital’s management to restrict the emergency escape and entrance.

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