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Jennifer Lopez hates being a full-time housewife: ‘Ben Affleck can’t handle it

Jennifer Lopez hates being a “full-time housewife” managing kids and her husband Ben Affleck, and needs her own space and fun. As per Heat Magazine, the Shotgun Wedding star is saving her marriage by spending time away from husband Ben Affleck with her close pals.

After having a rather tough beginning of marital life, JLo has realized how she can make her relationship with introvert Affleck work.

She has told Affleck that she is not a person who would stay at home and be a full-time housewife, the insider claimed while speaking with the publication.

As for Affleck, he does not like accompanying Lopez at social gatherings and becomes an “awkward bore,” which was visible at this year’s Grammys, the insider noted. Hence, the two have figured out a way to make their marriage work by spending some time apart each month.

“It’s been a long time since Jen got to kick back and enjoy a solo night out and, in hindsight, she sees that it was something she was seriously lacking in her life for way too long,” the source said.

“She’s not a person who enjoys being a full-time housewife – which, ironically, is the life Ben left behind when he divorced Jennifer. He’d moan back then that he craved excitement and spontaneity – which is what he gets now – but he can’t seem to handle it.”

Source: People

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