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One of 4 ladies allegedly raped by Jub Jub breaks her silence

One of four women who reported popular South African musician and presenter, Jub Jub for rape, assault, and attempted murder has spoken out. The alleged victim, who cannot be named, told the Sunday Times that the experience was humiliating.

According to the woman, she dated the rapper for a few months in 1998 or 1999, while she was in grade 11 or 12. She was a virgin at the time and she says she communicated this with the Uyajola 9/9 presenter.

“One day, he invited me over for a movie and popcorn at the home where he lived with his parents in Naturena, Johannesburg …”

Jub Jub

The woman said they watched a movie and kissed.

“He requested we move to the bedroom in case his parents come back…. He tried to persuade me to have sex … I told him I was not ready. I repeatedly said ‘no’ and kept pushing him away and even used my knees and my legs to push him off because he was on top of me.

“He told me it would be quick and I should relax. A physical struggle ensued … He eventually overpowered me, pulled my legs open and penetrated me. I was numb and in complete shock. I stopped fighting. I was paralysed. The experience was brief and painful. I was still numb afterwards. I put on my clothes and went home.

“The next day, Molemo called me and … explained that I needed to get to the pharmacy and get morning-after pills to prevent pregnancy. I did as instructed. It was a humiliating experience.”

The rapper is out on R10 000 bail after handing himself over at the Brixton police station last month.

He faces three counts of rape, two counts of attempted murder, and assault.

Jub Jub

The Sunday Times reports that three of the Ndikhokhele hitmaker’s alleged victims are public figures who were previously close to him. The fourth woman is believed to be a relative of his.

His lawyer, Lawrence Baloyi said the musician is shocked and has lost faith in the justice system.

“He’s devastated and he is at the time where he doesn’t understand what these charges are all about and why they crop up now. So, he is so disappointed with the justice system and how things are being done. It seems like men are given so much power who can bring down any man who is coming up and that becomes unfair to our justice system,” the SABC quoted Baloyi as saying.

He is due back in court on 24 August.


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