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Justin Bieber struggles to decide on addressing old videos with Sean Diddy Combs

Justin Bieber have no desire to address his old videos featuring Sean “Diddy” combs amid allegations of rape and sex trafficking against the rapper, an insider has claimed. However, the Peaches singer would not stay silent if he is put in a position to clarify his relationship with the controversial rapper, the tipster told In Touch Weekly.

Amid investigation against Diddy, an old video originally posted on Bieber’s YouTube page in 2009 has resurfaced online with netizens fearing that the rapper groomed then 15-year-old Bieber.

The video features 39-year-old Diddy standing next to Bieber showing him a silver Lamborghini, saying, “As soon as you turn 16, I’m gonna let you rock this every time you’re in L.A.”

“He’s having 48 hours with Diddy, where we hanging out and what we’re doing we can’t really disclose,” he added. “But, it’s definitely a 15-year-old’s dream. He then mentioned Usher’s name, explaining that while he does not have legal guardianship over Bieber, he was entrusted with his responsibility for 48 hours.

Diddy said that he had Usher’s guardianship when he was a teenager and was working on his first album. “We’re gonna go full crazy,” he added.

Speaking of Bieber’s reaction on the video, the source said, “Justin doesn’t really want to talk publicly about his relationship with Diddy, but he may have to. I’m not sure if Diddy did anything that Justin now thinks crossed the line, but if he does, he’s not saying. If Justin has to address his past interactions with Diddy, he will.”

For the unversed, the rapper’s ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura has accused him of sexual and physical abuse, prompting other victims to come forward with a list of accusations ranging from sexual assault to sex trafficking and human trafficking.

Source: People

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