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Watch: Kabza De Small mocked over his looks

Famous South African Amapiano king, Kabza De Small’s looks before the haircut left fans saying alcohol would finish him. The record producer is one of the finest Amapiano producers in the country, with many hit songs.

He has worked with the country’s top vocalists like Ami Faku and Young Stunna. With his excellent production skills, Kabza has won many fans’ hearts and has gained a massive following.

It seems that fans love Kabza so much that they worry about his life and health.

Kabza De Small

Most of them, however, believe that he should reduce his alcohol consumption.

Fans were left worried after a video was shared on Instagram before he took a haircut.

His barber shared the video but never imagined that fans would notice something other than the cut.

“Every King Needs Legendary Haircut 🎹 Get yours at Nearest Legends Barbers 🇿🇦🇳🇦🇱🇸🇧🇼”

Most of the time, Kabza holds a cup of beer in his hand, and fans notice it.

Even when making music in his studio, he took some alcohol.

Kabza De Small

Surprisingly, Kabza doesn’t seem to]perform because of the alcohol he takes.

A few weeks ago, he angered many Muslims when he shared pictures of wearing a Muslim-like outfit and holding a cup of beer.

Many fans were left fuming about it, but it seemed it was only Kabza being Kabza enjoying his freedom to fashion.


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