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KAFUE CELTICS Working with Teens on Trails

To enhance the team at all levels, Kafue Celtics Football Club has begun holding trials for boys under the ages of 13 and 15.

According to Club Director LEE KAWANU, it is crucial for all teams to conduct such tournaments in order to find fresh talent across the nation.

Speaking after watching some games at OYDC, KAWANU claimed that Zambia has many talented young players, but that they won’t be noticed if a stage isn’t provided for them.


Some of the players, he claimed, had the ability to compete at the level of the national team at different ages.

The club is renowned for creating young players who have flourished as seniors, according to Kafue Celtics technical director RODRIGO ALMEIDA.

ALMEIDA announced that in order to expose the local young talents, several foreign clubs will also be involved.

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