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Kalabo District Experiences Scabies

In Western Province’s Kalabo District, scabies has spread.

The scabies epidemic in Kalabo’s outlying areas has spread swiftly through close physical contact in families and schools, according to ZNBC’s MUSHOTA MPUNDU, who is there.

The majority of the health institutions visited by the Zambia Flying Doctors, who are running an outreach program in Kalabo, recorded a significant number of Scabies cases.

The majority of those afflicted, according to the team’s leader MULENGA CHILAMBWE, are children and the elderly.

The affected individuals, according to Dr. CHILAMBWE, have received free scabies medications from the Zambia Flying Doctors program.

WINNIE NALUBE, a clinical officer at the Liumba Health Centre, said that scabies infections there are frequent and praised the government for giving the facility free medicines.

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