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Watch: Cassper Nyovest dances with Kamo Mphela

Just like most Mzansi celebrities around January, Cassper Nyovest is out and about in the mother city Cape Town. Mufasa linked up with Kamo Mphela whom he did a dance challenge for Tik Tok. This comes after ongoing speculations that Abuti FillUp and Cassper Nyovest have been seeing one another. Watch the dancing video: In the first episode of 2022 on Podcast And Chill with MacG the team made some startling allegations about the two musicians. They discussed Andile Mpisane and his love life which apparently included Cassper Nyovest’s baby mama Thobeka Majozi. They also speculated that Andile Mpisane was involved with Thobeka. Cassper Nyovest “I heard he is allegedly sm***ing Cassper’s wife.” The podcast then alleged that Kamo Mphela and Cassper were seeing one another. Responding to these wild claims Cassper Nyovest tweeted that people do not care anymore because they just say things loosely. “Nobody cares anymore. People just say and do things for traction. It’s wild. I fear for the ones we are raising. The ones we have to teach. What will they learn from us?” Despite his efforts to deviate from the conversation, his followers continued to pester him for a reaction. A tweep said MacG is notorious for making things up and not naming his sources. Kamo Mphela Cassper hit back and said “Aye man. Ni**as really don’t give a f**k hey,” and added that he tries his level best to keep his family away from the negative spotlight and the lies they bring. Mphela, however, doesn’t seem to be phased or bothered by what has been said on social media. She continues to stay private and focus on her music career. In one of her rare interviews available online, Mphela sat down with controversial podcaster Mac G. She told the podcast that she wants to make the most of her fame as it’s not going to last forever. “The fame doesn’t last that long so you have to make the most of it while you still have time. That’s what people don’t understand. It’s not a lifetime thing unless you are legendary,” she told Mac G. Ironically, Mphela used Cassper Nyovest as an example of what she hopes to get out of her vareer “He’s worked so hard for so many years but yet he still has to prove himself to some people to this day. “Cassper is still the biggest artist but he still has to convince people that he is the best. I don’t want to go through that personally. There’s only so much you can do in your own country. Fill Up was the biggest so what’s next? It’s easy to get to the top but it’s hard to stay there.” Mphela, who played a hand in making the song Jobe which is one of Amapiano’s groundbreaking hits, doesn’t look up to many South African celebrities. She did single out Busiswa as she is a fan of her electric performances. Source:

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