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Kashempa: Give Livingstone Special Consideration From Load Managemen

HILARY KASHEMPA, the acting chairperson of the Livingstone Tourism Association, has pleaded with the government to exempt tourist locations, particularly Livingstone, from load shedding.

According to Mr. KASHEMPA, load shedding will make the progress that has been done in the last year in terms of the revival of the tourism industry go backwards.

According to him, the tourism industry must be given time to fully recover from the COVID-19, which nearly caused it to collapse completely.

The tourism industry, according to Mr. KASHEMPA, cannot afford any significant setbacks at this early stage of the recovery, like load shedding.

He claimed that load shedding would have an impact on tourism, beginning with suppliers, operators, and visitors who would want to enjoy their vacations and activities without experiencing any difficulty.

According to Mr. KASHEMPA, load shedding will also jeopardize the government’s goal of achieving around 1,550,000 tourist visits this year.

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