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Katombola Will Receive 19 Towers

Nineteen telecommunication towers will shortly be built in the Katombola Constituency in the Kazungula district of the Southern Province to cover underserved communities.

The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority, or ZICTA, has already made an evaluation about the location of the towers, according to area member of parliament CLEMENT ANDELEKI.

In Ndele, Mr. ANDELEKI made this statement during a meeting to express his gratitude for the support he and the United Party for National Development (UPND) received during the general election in August 2021.

The local MP has also urged Ndele locals to use the CDF (Constituency Development Fund) to improve the neighborhood.
He asserts that community involvement in development is crucial.
Additionally, TREVOR MWIINDE, the deputy national youth chairman of the UPND, has urged lawmakers to avoid acting like absentee leaders in their home districts.

Mr. MWIINDE notices that certain lawmakers are purposefully avoiding their constituents.

He has urged individuals who have been avoiding their supporters to reach out to them again before it’s too late.

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