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Kawana Offers Youths Education Advice

The government has urged young people in the nation to benefit from the free education policy and the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to enhance their quality of life.

According to THABO KAWANA, Director and Spokesperson for the Ministry of Information and Media, the government is making great efforts to develop a desirable and educated youth population.

Speaking during a breakfast meeting for Adaptive Leadership Zambia in Lusaka, Mr. KAWANA stated that the government is dedicated to enhancing the nation’s educational system.

Ground Project Manager BARON CHANDA, meantime, expressed satisfaction with the government’s request to revise the curriculum because the current one does not meet industrial needs.

Chair of the Chilenje Ward 8 Ward Development Committee, CHIPUMA MAULU, stated that his office is always available to hear CDF applications, suggestions, and grievances from young people.

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