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Kenya will outlaw boarding in primary schools

In Kenya, boarding schools will no longer be an option for children in primary and junior secondary schools up to the ninth grade (about 14–15 years old) starting in 2019.

Belio Kipsang, principal secretary for education, advised parents to send their kids to day schools during a meeting for head teachers.

He claimed that the government had decided to permit youngsters to be cared for by their guardians or parents. But children from groups of pastoral nomads will be immune from the laws.

According to him, roughly 28% of Kenya’s primary school students attend boarding schools, which is a significant percentage when compared to other nations.

He stated that parents should be their children’s primary educators and that “we can’t outsource parenting to teachers.”

The only way we will be with these children is if they are in a day school setting, he added. “We need to start socializing ourselves that we need to be with our children,” he said.

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